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Who we are

Bedford Country School is a unique, private school situated in the picturesque town of Bedford in the Eastern Cape. We are a Christian, English-medium school and registered with ISASA (Independent Schools Association of South Africa).

The school was founded in 2009 by parents from the farming district and opened its doors to 35 children from pre-school to Grade 3. Currently we have just over 100 children and offer classes up to

Grade 7.

Walking through our beautifully restored, historic buildings, there’s a sense of vibrancy and eager learning which permeates from the classrooms. It is not uncommon to hear children burst into laughter over the delight of a new discovery or seeing them out in the garden caring for their little seedlings. We believe that children learn best when they are having fun and therefore our motto is also “Learning and Loving it!” Our aim is to nurture and care in a safe, home-like environment.

Our dynamic and dedicated team of teachers are passionate about children and their learning. All our teachers are qualified and highly skilled in their various learning areas. We offer an excellent and comprehensive academic and extra-mural programme with the emphasis on individual attention. Where possible, classes are kept to a maximum of 15 learners.

We are a community school at heart and embrace the diversity that this wonderful country offers. Here, children from across the spectrum can find a space in which to flourish and reach their full potential. Being an International Eco-School means that children are encouraged to treat our environment and the people around us with love and respect. We go on regular excursions into the town and district where children get the opportunity to interact with the broader community and Mother Nature.

In this safe space at the foot of Kaga Mountain, where children can come to school barefoot, we strive to develop every child’s inherent potential and give them wings to fly…


We pride ourselves on the rich programmes in which our Grade 1 – 7 children participate. These are all conveniently included in our school fees and part of the weekly school programme:

•  Conversational Xhosa

•  Knowledge Network Computer Programme (Gr 1 – 3)

•  Coding & Programming (Gr 4 – 7)

•  Class music

•  Gardening

•  Excursions

•  Water safety

Why choose BCS?

  • Passionate, dedicated, qualified staff
  • Affordable fees
  • Small classes with individual attention
  • Excellent academic programme
  • Wide range of extra-mural activities
  • Nurture and care in a safe, home-like environment
  • Children who leave here are problem-solvers and have a positive outlook on life


All children from Grade 1-7 receive coaching in all the sport listed below.


We firmly believe that a healthy body houses a healthy soul and our children are required to take part in all sport we have to offer. Being part of a team teaches social skills, develops emotional maturity and is great fun! We often participate in festivals and tournaments where our children shine. Our children enjoy the interaction with their dedicated and skilled coaches.

Our BCS Bat cricket festival during the annual Bedford Garden Show in October, is a highlight on the sports calendar.

Our Summer programme is made up of:
•  swimming,
•  tennis
•  cricket
•  athletics/cross country
Our Winter programme includes rugby and netball. Team spirit and participation under the watchful eye of the coaches is fostered and encouraged in our young sports men and women.
We are indeed very privileged to have skilled coaches and teachers who offer extra activities at the school. These are not included in your school fees, but add greatly to the development and growth of our children:
•  Tennis coaching
•  Piano, violin and guitar lessons
•  Swimming
•  Gymnastics

Member of ISASA

(Independent Schools Association of South Africa)